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Every table tells a story

I was at school overseas when my mother packed up our family home in a hurry with none of us there to help her or advise. Dad had just retired, and was having a little vacay when bored to the gills, he accepted a new job over a beer in a pub. He called my mum casually to tell her to sell the house, pack up and join him up north. Typical. Hence our sad lack of family photos and slides, most of which mum turfed in a hurry. So sad.

I have some precious black and white photos, but my memories mostly live on in the sweet dishes, plates, tablecloths and napery that mum offered me when I was about to be married: Noritake, Pyrex, Duralex, Battenburg lace, Marrimekko curtains. I use it all in amongst our own stuff, mixed in with my mother-in-law's hand made ceramic bowls and dishes. You could say ours is always an eclectic table, no full complete sets of anything, but I treasure the mix and the memories!



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