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Three Questions: fashionista chef and personality Angie Hong

Angie Hong has a string of achievements to her name. Apart from advanced degrees in stuff like chemical engineering, she's naturally fashion forward, multi-lingual, a doting grandmother and commonly known as the best Vietnamese chef in Sydney. Angie shares her exceptional culinary genes with son Dan, and Sydney is truly blessed to eat at either one's table. She's cheery, chatty and warmly hospitable, belying a tough past fleeing war torn Vietnam. With incredible determination, she settled in Australia, educating herself at the highest levels, working and raising a family.

I asked Angie if she'd tell me the answers to our three questions:

1. Secret naughty food obsession?

Frozen corn kernels- I'm always craving a bowl of warm kernels with Peppe Saya butter).

2. Memorable thing you ate most recently?

Lobster sashimi and lobster head udon soup cooked by me!

3. Never fail pantry ingredient?

Knorr chicken powder sprinkled on tofu chips.

Image by Steven Siewert

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