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Three Questions: Tasmanian based chef Analiese Gregory

Born in New Zealand, and with cooking stints on the European continent, Morocco and Sydney, this adventuring chef now finds herself in Tasmania. Enjoying the best of the island's great outdoors, swimming, diving and foraging, Analiese Gregory cooks according to what's brought to the kitchen that morning.

I got to know Analiese when she was cooking in Sydney at Bar Brosé in Darlinghurst, turning out madly delicious modern French plates, tapas style. With Welsh, Chinese and Dutch parentage, and with her chef years spent in various foreign kitchens, she is not afraid to cook with a wide variety of ingredients

To Sydney's regret, Analiese moved when she was offered the famed Franklin Restaurant & Bar position of head chef in the harbour city of Hobart. For two and a half years, she kept foodies on their toes with glorious seasonal offerings. Think raw Bruny island wallaby, pickled mulberries, sorrel, fermented mushrooms and horseradish. Or chargrilled garfish, oyster butter and summer herbs.

Tasmania has encouraged Analiese to unleash her 'wild woman' inner self to explore all over the pristine and verdant island, to forage, dive and fish for her ingredients.

These days, she's working on a tv show with SBS food, to be aired next year, renovating her home outside of Hobart, building garden beds, and taking care of her goats.

On a Friday, you'll find Analiese doing a regular lunch spot at a local Hobart wine bar called Lucinda.

I asked Analiese three questions:

Secret naughty food obsession?

My current secret naughty food obsession is the frozen roti/spring onion pancakes you get in the freezer section of asian grocers, I've developed a bad habit of eating them late at night and in the morning with a fried egg and an assortment of condiments from my fridge. Including, but not limited to: charcuterie, cheese, lao gan ma, kewpie, sriracha, pickles... you name it.

The most recent memorable thing you ate?

The most recent memorable things I ate were some freshly dived scallops, just cleaned and put back in the shells with a seaweed butter and grilled in the shell for a minute just to warm them through. So sweet, saline and delicious.

Never fail pantry ingredients?

Oooh my never fail pantry ingredients.. the ones I make myself are, Bread miso, Ricotta Salata, Honey Vinegar, Apricot Shrub and seaweed jam. The ones I buy are Lao Gan Ma, Miellerie honey, Doenjang, Shao xing wine and creme fraiche!


Analises: Nikki To

Food: Analiese Gregory


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