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Three Questions: acclaimed Sydney chef and food crusader Kylie Kwong

After she closed her restaurant Billy Kwong last year, chef/owner Kylie Kwong leapt into community leadership and support roles. Already well embedded in her DNA, shutting the doors of her busy restaurant has allowed the food ambassador and stalwart of various charities, a freedom to really make a difference in the time of Corona Virus for an industry struggling to cope. Further to those commitments, Kylie has during this time committed to feeding various community members on the front line each week.

I asked Kylie my three questions:

1. Secret naughty food obsession? I know this may sound totally weird but I have a growing obsession for biodynamic yoghurt, homemade muesli, organic banana and organic apple. Not only do I enjoy this delicious bowl of wholesomeness for breakfast, but maybe two times per week, I also have it for dinner! ( All true, ask my wife! ). There is something deeply comforting and ‘settling’ within this dish for me I have to say ... 2. Memorable thing you ate most recently? During the lockdown I have been doing a lot of home-cooking for several key community leaders. The selflessness expressed in the work they do, day-in-day-out, looking after those most vulnerable in our society, is truly inspiring. Wanting to offer them some of my own nourishment and comfort, I’ve cooked them a dish consisting of my Uncle Jimmy’s delicious fresh Hokkien Noodles dressed in a sauce I used to serve at Billy Kwong for almost 19 years - organic tamari, ginger, coriander, spring onion and brown rice vinegar. So Nell and I have been eating a lot of this lately with all the leftovers - it is memorable for me because it transports me straight back to my carefree, childhood days when I would hang out in my Uncle’s wonderful noodle factory, it reminds me of all the great memories at Billy Kwong, yet most importantly, it brings my awareness back to the magic and beauty of sharing food, with its powerful healing and connecting qualities. 3. Never fail pantry ingredients? Spiral Organic Tamari Maggie Beer’s Verjuice Fair Trade Organic Cane Sugar Organic Extra Virgin Olive Oil Murray River Salt Flakes

Photo: Gourmet Traveller


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