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Three Questions: chef Hun Loong

Hun Loong holds the awe inspiring position of head chef at Mr. Wong.

The babyfaced maestro is down-to-earth, ready with a laugh and produces apart from a serious Cantonese menu with his team, some of the most innovative and delicious dim sum in town.

I texted Loong to see how he was faring during this lock down. He is staying positive and has even been sketching. I guess a creative in the kitchen is easily a creative in other areas of the arts...

1. Secret naughty food obsession ?

Will be tempura battered chicken nuggets.

2. Memorable thing you ate most recently?

A friend made me a really simple cold silken tofu with century egg.

3.Never fail pantry ingredient?

Sesame oil.

Note: Now delivering to your door, you don't have to go without your Mr. Wong fix.


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