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Three Questions: chef Junda Khoo

I've been keeping in touch with friends in hospitality, worried about how they are keeping afloat in these difficult times. It must be diabolical to stay calm when you're paying steep rent in the city, trying to look after loyal staff and perhaps even feed a young family at home. Junda Khoo, a young Malaysian chef with a cult following for his 3 Sydney restaurants Ho Jiak is forging ahead with vigour. Appearing on social media to loyal customers, providing regular updates, staying connected with his community and quickly setting up take away meals which will hopefully pay his staff, Junda is representative of the heroic cooks trying to keep the industry alive.

To take our minds off the worries for a little moment, I asked him my three questions:

1.Secret naughty food obsession?

Instant noodles!

2.Memorable thing you ate most recently?

Harada Restaurant's omakase.

3.Never fail pantry ingredients?

Chicken powder for sure!

Note: Apart from regular takeaway, and $10 lunch boxes, Ho Jiak has now moved to offering dinner packs as well, comprising favourite meals sealed in packages good for freezing, as well as heating up quickly. Enquire:


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