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Three Questions: chef Mitch Orr

Mitch Orr came to my attention when five years ago I accidentally stumbled upon his fabulous, smart and quirky restaurant ACME which he'd launched with three buddies.

If you're willing to push past the tough exterior of this guy of few words, you're rewarded with a funny, faithful, crazy talented pasta master who honed his skills at legendary Osteria Francescana, Massimo Bottura's Modena restaurant. Mitch went on to combine killer pasta making skills with flavours he grew up eating in Sydney's western suburbs: Filipino, Korean and Chinese amongst others. The results have taken ACME to cult status with eager diners as well as awards from industry peers and honchos.

Now head chef at Cicciabella Bondi, Mitch is sharing classic Italian recipes on Instagram (see @instakrill) in this strange moment where we've been forced online, whatever industry.

I called Mitch and asked him my three questions:

1. Secret naughty food ingredient?

KFC zinger burgers

2. Memorable thing you ate most recently?

It feels like its been 37 years since I ate in a restaurant and my brain is now mush. So I'll say the gypsy ham sandwich from Room 10 that I had for lunch yesterday. My favourite sandwich in Sydney.

3. Never fail pantry ingredient?

My house honestly never had any food in it until all this. So I'll say the two things that it did have, Milo and Nongshim ramen.

Note: Mitch's CicciaBella in Bondi is now offering take away. Available from 5 to 9 pm, seven days a week. The 'Pasta Prince' is also collaborating with Josh Niland on Oxford Street who launched Mr. Niland at Home in response to the lockdown.


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