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Three Questions: Cho Cho San, Apollo and Longrain restaurateur, Sam Christie

For a restaurateur with a string of popular restaurants in Melbourne, Sydney and Tokyo, you'd think Sam Christie would be a) older and b) hard to pin down. In fact, Sam is youthful, personable, present, and closely connected to his community. The contemporary cuisines of these cultures (SE Asian, Greek and Japanese) are perfectly expressed in his restaurants, all smartly designed spaces filled with good music, a well curated bar and accompanied by always friendly service. Really, the sum of a top night out.

Don't keep your restaurants closed for too long, Sam- we miss them.

I asked Sam three questions:

1. Secret naughty food obsession?

Dark chocolate sorbet/sorbetti

2. Memorable thing you ate most recently?

My restaurant visits are a bit thin on the ground in the last few weeks. The Anchovy on Salada biscuit with house churned butter at Una Mas at The Coogee Pav is what springs to mind.

3. Never fail pantry ingredient?

Anchovies again, I always have a jar or tin at home. I put them in and on everything. I specially love them draped over a fried egg.


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