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Three Questions: Gunjan Aylawadi chef/owner of Flyover Fritterie

Born in India, Gunjan Aylawadi trained as a computer science engineer.  After getting hitched in 2010, she moved with her husband to the US. Finding herself unable to work because of visa restrictions, Gunjan took the opportunity to experiment with an interest she'd always had in art.

Yet another move in 2013 brought Gunjan to Australia, where she threw caution to the wind and decided to really focus on her creative pursuits.

She enrolled in a furniture design course, and started to show her paper art works at exhibitions in Australia and Europe.

While traveling the world, she realized that there seemed to be a fairly consistent experience of eating various cuisines of the world in different countries. She says : "No matter where you are, you can satisfy a craving for Italian, Mexican or American food but for even midway decent Indian food, you'd have to know someone who knew a good local joint."

Not deterred by a busy life as a young mum in a new country, and while making art commissions for various clients and galleries, Gunjan is also now on a culinary mission to change that with Flyover Friterie.

She says brightly, "It's a moon shot - but for now, I've started with saying that I want this to be the next Guzman y Gomez for Indian food in Australia. Keeping my fingers crossed I get there!"

Flyover Friterie is an exciting little take-away in the city, billing themselves quite aptly as Street Style Superfoods and dishing out delicious fried veggie morsels, creamy savoury porridges and crunchy, textured fresh salads. Add to that masala chai, turmeric tonics and take home jars of mango pickles, coconut crunchies and tamarind sauce, you'll be so glad to make its acquaintance. Check here for more details about Flyover Friterie!

I asked Gunjan our Three Questions:

1. Secret naughty food obsession? 

POTATO CHIPS. All caps. My love for the crunch and salty goodness borders on substance abuse really.  2. Best thing you ate most recently?

A vegan feast at Korean fine dining concept SOUL DINING. Daero's food is exceptional...and as someone who only eats plants, Korean food wasn't even on my radar till I met Daero & Illa and now I cannot have enough.  3. Never fail pantry ingredients?

So hard to pick this one - everytime I open my cupboard, at least 3 jars fall out - because of how full it is! But peanut butter, tamarind & fresh curry leaves are my top three. Can always cook something delicious with these around :) 

Note: All images are copyright of Flyover Friterie and Gunjan Aylawadi.

Find Flyover Friterie:

1 Temperance Lane

Sydney CBD

Laneway just off 389 George Street


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