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Three Questions: The Hopper Pan's Sri Lankan market-stall chefs, Gail and Tasha

Before the time of Covid19 when we walked freely on this earth, shopping at the farmer's markets was a highlight of my week. I consider many of the stallholders my good friends and I respect the hard work that goes into hauling into town all the wonderful fresh produce we take home. With laden baskets, one of my favourite final stops used to be the Hopper Pan, where I'd have a little catch up with Gail and her daughter Tash while they prepared some delicious morsel to take home. With social distancing in place, these savvy women have transitioned their business to packaged biodegradable boxes of Sri Lankan favourites delivered contact-free to your door. Lamprais and hoppers accompanied by beef, fish or chicken curries, classic coconut sambol, and potato gravy to the most indulgent chocolate cakes (a Sri Lankan classic!): Gail and Tash are busier than ever. Delivered by these two chic ladies immaculately dressed, you would think they spent their days anywhere but in the kitchen!

I asked them my questions:

1. Secret naughty food obsession?

Coffee eclairs!

2. Memorable thing you ate most recently?

Sri Lankan lamprais made by The Hopper Pan!

3. Never fail pantry ingredient?

Sri Lankan crushed pepper is amazing on everything, and coconut milk.


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