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Three Questions: Camilo Reyes of Bondi Beach areperia, El Indio

Meet Colombian native, Camilo Reyes. co-owner with brother Peter of the beloved beach areperia, El Indio,

Camilo might appear to be the classic beach dude with tanned skin and salty curls, but here's a guy who with a degree in business management and entrepreneurship, has managed to combine various ventures with plenty of time in the surf.

How did it all happen? Camilo worked in various beach side restaurant kitchens at Bondi when he first arrived in Australia, while pursuing culinary training.

Then with brother Peter, Camilo found the perfect spot on Bondi Beach, and decided to open El Indio. The plan was to offer the street food of their South American culture, presented in an authentic, fresh and healthy, non pretentious way. As Camilo says: 'without all the cliches and the folklore of what a South American restaurant is supposed to be'.

The hard work and warmth of this family business has paid off: El Indio boasts being Trip Advisor's #1 Traveler's Choice two years running.

The El Indio team's ultimate goal: To have a centralized kitchen in Byron Bay, supplying lots of small franchise/partnerships.

The plan is for El Indio to help kids in surf communities in Third World countries like Colombia with equipment and sponsorship for events, and generally using the surf to keep kids healthy, happy, and out of trouble.

Camilo is the classic Bondi beach resident, who makes this destination so uniquely friendly, relaxed and multicultural. He says with enthusiasm: Surf, bikinis, a chill and safe life, house parties, the Bondi Longboard Club, all the good people I’ve met here over the years, make me happy. In general, this life feels like a long  holiday. I’m so happy to have started my family here.

I asked Camilo three questions:

Secret Naughty food obsession?

Ice cream sandwiches!

What was the best thing you ate most recently?

'La Morocha', the new Morcilla arepas at El Indio.

Never fail pantry ingredients?

Tabasco and lemons.

El Indio

222 Campbell Parade

North Bondi, Sydney 2026

Ph: +61 468 481 945

Photo credits:

Food images: Charles-Alex Clément @charlalex_clement

Portraits: Jess Lindsay @jeslindsay


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